Lora Terres Acupuncture Services


TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with Japanese style, small gauge gentle needles, 99% painless, with a loving touch. Acupuncture uses pathways of energy flow in the body. These pathways are referred to as meridians. The energy is called Qi (chi). Along the meridians there are 365 classical acupuncture points. These points are like gates stimulated with a needle to redirect Qi where needed or to free energy where congested. Each point has defined therapeutic actions.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbs are used to support and maintain health by revitalizing and reinforcing the body's natural resistance to disease. Herbs nourish the organs and their pathways thereby strengthening the body's ability to recuperate. A carefully designed formula will effect the whole body to balance all the ailments a patient has. Lora's powered herbal concentrates are easy to take, have 8-20 herbs in a formula and are combined to benefit your specific needs in healing. Lora also has formulas in capsule or pill form to easily take.

Functional Medicine

Clearing out the old paradigm to bring about concise healing. Lora uses modern science to bring the changes your body needs for healing. Looking at the bigger picture through blood chemistry, GI tests, hormone profiles, and metal toxicities just to name a few of the important tests to gear your healing pathway to total health.

Muscle Testing

Muscle Resistance when various products are placed in your energy field. To double check what is right for your body.

Allergy Clearing

Allergies can get the better of you by draining your energy making you feel foggy, groggy and just not yourself. Lora can help you eliminate those symptoms whether it's seasonal, environmental or foods allergies. I've cracked through some very tough cases using NAET and Bioset styles of allergy eliminations.

Trauma Clearing

Utilizing a time tested technique in New York City's Lincoln clinic, NADA stands for National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. It is an auricular (ear) acupuncture protocol for recovery from trauma, substance abuse, addictions, etc. As well as helping with the emotional, physical, and psychological attributes involved with trauma. Detoxification protocols are invaluable. Contrasted with much of Chinese medicine this treatment involves no diagnosis of the tongue or pulse. Simply Healing!